Zodiac Signs And Food

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Zodiac Signs And Food

Just for fun, let’s go a little on the surface and learn something about the habits of the horoscope signs at the table and the food;). From my personal experience, I know this is not exactly correct because a great role in a person plays a horoscope sub-sign. So, their combinations are very important.


The Aries would have to sit first and ask for the first meal. If someone else got a pre-match then a chaos would be created. The Aries cannot pretend to get somebody else’s attention out of it. He will constantly additionally add other soups to the dish, even though they are ideally stored. Angry food just likes it, but alcohol should get avoid.

If your Aries comes to dinner, save a dish that has plenty of onions and chili sauce.


The Taurus will have no trouble whatsoever to do. He will eat slowly, enjoy every pie. If there is not a bit of a cake for him at the end, that could be quite demanding. Sweetie can hardly stand up. Always remains the last one at the table because he never hurries.

If Taurus is coming for dinner, make the most of the sweets.


They will late for dinner. These people love everything to try, and from food on the table, it is more important to them at the table with whom they will be able to chat. There are great chances that they will dominate at the table, entertain other guests.

If the Gemini comes to dinner, prepare some fancy.


Cancer will eat everything and all the time. Great gourmets, but they still look at slim fit and health. They like homemade food, ” broth”. They only eat greedily when they are nervous. They love family food, hostile atmosphere.

If your cancer comes to dinner, save some warm, old grandmother recipe.


The Leo will head to the forehead of the table. It’s all because it’s gourmand and hedonist. If you’re in the restaurant, he will order the most expensive dish. He does not like to cook. A compelling guest, but also grateful if you offer him something very good. He knows many world cuisines, but he never eats too much. Eat a little but quality.



Virgo does not choose where to go and where to sit, and it’s a great chance that Virgo will eat only appetizer and salad. The most astonishing sign will be satisfied with the other choices, just do not expect from them to eat everything. He has a stinging stomach, so he will not finish his meal.

If Virgo comes to dinner, save a lot of fruits and vegetables.


The Libra will try it all. It would be best to sit next to the Virgo, reminding her to watch out for calories, or next to the Gemini, to talk more and less to eat. Sweeties must try, but they will not overwhelm.

If the Libra come for dinner, you must have sweets.


Scorpio will have a lot of surprises. She will not like where she is sitting at the table, perhaps even how it is set. He loves strong food and plenty of strong and deep fry food. Scorpio is rarely fat because it’s watching on the body line. They love good sweets, but also candy.


Sagittarius has no objections, he just does not have to sit by the Virgo. He does not like someone looking at his plate. He does not eat much, but he loves to experiment and cannot resist food that is not from these areas. Of course, everything will try.

If the Sagittarius comes to dinner, save the dessert.


Capricorn will come in time. Enjoys every bit, lightly. He never likes to taste new tastes, but his homemade, traditional food is a favorite.

If your Capricorn comes to dinner, save some old traditional dish.


To the Aquarius will be more important to entertain other guests at the table than to eat. Good company is more important than food. Likes to experiment with tastes, and will necessarily look for the recipe for the favorite dish they like most. Likes the odd arrangement of food.

If Aquarius comes to dinner, save good music – the atmosphere is more important than food.


The Pisces will surely be late, but they don’t mind where they will sit at the table unless it is near a boring person who will hinder it while eating. Pisces enjoy the appearance of food, as well as in taste but they are not demanding.



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