What is Anise?

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what is anise


Anise is seed from a plant Pimpinella anisum which is coming from Apiceae family ie. family of carrots, and is related to dill, cumin and fennel. Anise originated from Asia, Egypt and Greece but nowadays we can find anis in Europe, North America, North Africa and the Middle East. The ancient Romans and Greeks and Egyptians had used anise as a spice, but throughout history they used it also for its medicinal properties and specific odor.

Anis can be eaten as a vegetable or as a condiment, can be use in cooking, preparation of various beverages, for medical purposes, and various other purposes in which is used because of its pleasant smell.


Anise is used for preparation of anti – cough syrup, in the preparation of teas, to cure cramps in the stomach, in insecticides, as an antiseptic, and in other medical purposes.

In culinary anise is used in the preparation of cakes, chutney, cookies, sweet bread. In some countries, anise is added to bread and various soups. The sweet taste of anise is very popular for the preparation of various types of sweets on all continents.

Anise benefits:

facilitates digestion,
facilitates infant colic,
against bloated stomach,
against burping and gas in the abdomen,
eases cramps and menstrual pain,
increases the secretion of juice in the intestines and helps digestion,
helps you to cough and treat bronchitis,
essential oil of anise has antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal properties.

Anise seeds should be crushed immediately before use, and in that way anise releases its healing properties.




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