Veggie burger – patties for burger

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veggie burger3

Photo by Danielle

• 300gr of cooked rice

•  handful of soy flakes

• 150gr grated carrots

• 1 tablespoon of curry

• 1 teaspoon of asafoetida (or half an onion)

• 6 tablespoons of oil (I use olive)

• 90 g of flour



First you need to cook rice over low heat. Soy flakes is also cooked over low heat. Then you add Asafoetida to the mixture, or if you use onions fry it for about 4 minute to slightly soften. Add the rice along with carrots, teaspoon of curry, salt and pepper, and flour. All this is well mixed, then you shape the patties, roll them in flour and fry on each side of 4 minute.

Vegetarian patties are ready. Put them in a bun along with attachments  as you wish.

veggie patties2


Photo by  Andrea Pomini


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