Vegetarianism – Secret of gladiators

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Recent researches of scientists have shown that bones of gladiators contained two times more strontium than the bones of the ordinary people of their time. Since most of strontium found in plants, it is assumed that the gladiators were vegetarian. This is confirmed by the writings of the Roman historian Pliny who called Gladiators hordeali – those who feed with barley (grains). The human body absorbs strontium in the same way as calcium, into the bones. Strontium increases bone mineral density and reduces the risk of vertebral fractures by 41% and reduces the risk of non-vertebral fractures.

It is similar with the Roman soldiers legionaries who spent 5000-6000 kcal per day, and 78% of their food rations is consisted of carbohydrates, mostly barley and wheat.





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