Vegan “Vegetable Eggs”

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Maybe they don’t have the taste of real eggs, but they look too good.
Ingredients: For the yellow part: 1-2 carrots, 1-2 teaspoons cornflour or agar agar, 1 teaspoon vegetable margarine, two pinches of salt, 1.5 ml of water; The white part: 1 cup of millet, 200 g cauliflower (broccoli / parsley / celery), 3.5 cups of water, 100 g of fresh tofu, nutmeg, 1 teaspoon vegetable margarine, 3-4 pinches of salt
Method of preparation: carrots cut into rings and cook with a gelling agent, salt and a little water. When softened, blend it and add margarine to the mixture . From the lukewarm mixture of carrot form small balls. Cook millet with cauliflower for 25 minutes on low heat (after boil). Add margarine, spices and mixed tofu. While warm, from the resultant mixture make a more oval slices. In each one put a ball made of gelatinized carrot and wrap white mixture and shape in the form of eggs. Serve on a bed of lettuce with horseradish sauce.


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