Vegan Sushi

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Vegan sushiPhoto by suzettesuzette
As many of you know, Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish made of cooked rice seasoned with vinegar, which is often served with raw or smoked fish. But, originally, sliced raw fish is called sashimi, and although this is a completely different dish, it is often mixed with cooked rice with vinegar and all together is called sushi.  Sushi that is served wrapped in sheets of dried seaweed (the so-called Nori) is called makizushi, while small “packets” of fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice is called inarizushi.


Here we bring you recipe wich is vegan version of sushi.

Vegan Sushi


nori algae,

1 cup of millet or rice,

Vega mayonnaise,



tofu hot dog,


alfalfa sprouts,

(You can add and strips of red pepper, to taste).

The method of preparation:

Cook millet or rice in salted water in a ratio of 1: 2.5. Remove from the pot and cool for a while. Nori seaweed quick fry above the flame and cover with millet. Leave the edges of 1 cm uncovered. Rub a millet with thin layer of veggie mayonnaise (or mustard). On 1/3 put a line of tofu hot dogs, tempeh, pickles, carrots and alfalfa sprouts. Roll the sushi and leave in a few minutes to tighten.

Cut with wet knife into 1 cm thick slices.


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