Vedic Mantras for improving digestion

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You might be surprised how detailed practical instructions contain ancient Vedic texts on various aspects of life . For example , Sri Vishnu Purana contains detailed instructions on the types of food that man should consume , but also about the ways to do that .
A person would have to sit down for lunch in a happy state of mind . You should not eat with wet hands or feet , or be dressed in only one piece of clothing . When Dining , it is best to sit facing east or north. You should not eat facing the corner or during sunrise or sunset , or if it is in melancholy mood . Besides fruits , roots , roasted and dried foods , chutny and sweets , you should not eat food from the previous day . You should not eat the remains except butter , honey , curd and flour -based foods .
You should eat as follows: first sweet , then salty and sour . Bitter , spicy and tart should be left for the end . Furthermore , if you take the first liquid food , and at the end again liquid food , you will never get sick or have stomach problems . And finally , you should never criticize the food you eat , you should make small talk , but focus on eating .
Now follow the lyrics for digestion . After feasting on the above-mentioned manner , it is necessary to sit facing east or north for a while and contentment of mind , recite the following verses :


agniraapyaayayeddhaatum paarthivam pavaneritah
dattaavakaasam nabhasaa jarayatvastu me sukham (92)

” Let the digestive fire ignites my life air ( prana ) from the sky and digest the food i have eaten . Let the essence of food dread to my limbs and make me healthy ! ”

annam balaaya me bhoomerapaamagnyakilasya cha
bhavetyetatparinatam mamaastvavyaahatam sukham (93)


” Let this food strengthen the essence of earth , water, fire and air in my body and help me grow ! Let me lead up to the general welfare ! ”

annam pushtikaram chaastu mamaapyavyaahatam sukham (94)

“Let ‘s food aid in the free flow of five vital airs in my body – Prana, Apaana , Samaana , Udaana and Vyana – and let me give permanent health ! ”

agastiragnirbadavaanalascha bhuktam mayaannam jarayatvasesham
sukham cha me tatparinaamasambhavam yacchantvarogo mama chaastu dehe (95)

“Let the digestive fire agasti and badava digest the food I have eaten and give me a healthy and strong body!”! ”

vishnussamastendriyadehadehee pradhaanabhooto bhagavaanyathaikah
satyena tenaattamaseshamannam aarogyadam me parinaamametu (96)

“Let’s this food be digested and give me health because Lord Vishnu is the dominant deity of my whole body and sense organs ! ”

vishnurattaa tathaivaannam parinaamascha vai tathaa
satyena tena madbhuktam jeeryatvannamidam tathaa (97)
” That one who eats is the Lord Vishnu, food is Lord Vishnu, and the body is manifestation of Lord Vishnu. This is true and lets food that I have eaten be digested! ”
While chanting these six verses , the person should gently massage his stomach . In this way, there will be no digestive problems such as constipation , etc. So if nothing works, then maybe you can try 🙂


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