Turmeric recipes – alternative remedies

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turmeric recipes - alternative remedies

Cream against psoriasis and acne


3 tablespoons green clay,

1 teaspoon turmeric,

2-3 drops of olive oil,



Mix the ingredients and with the resulting paste lubricate the affected places. After half an hour, rinse with lukewarm water.

The combination of ingredients will help to disinfect the skin, moisturize the painful area and reduce inflammation of the skin.


Turmeric water for sore throat


250 ml lukewarm water,

1 tsp turmeric powder,

½ teaspoon sea salt.


Mix the ingredients. Use water for gargling of sore throat several times a day.

It will help in alleviating the pain, with severe swallowing and inflammatory processes.

You can already notice the effects a few minutes after application.


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