Try These Buckwheat Steaks!

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Buckwheat Steaks

I love buckwheat in all varieties and today we will make buckwheat steaks with boiled vegetables and salad.


300g of buckwheat grains,
100g of oatmeal flakes (half oats, half soy flakes),
1 tablespoon of soy flour (or chickpeas flour),
1 tablespoon of white flour,
100g of ground flaxseeds,
1 head of onion (sliced),
1 piece of parsley,
salt, pepper,
1 teaspoon curry,
1 teaspoon of turmeric,
frying oil (extra virgin olive oil).


Method of preparation:

Soak the ground flaxseeds into the water.
Wash the buckwheat grains and boil it in salt water until it turns into the mash. Soak oatmeal flakes and soy flakes (you can dip them in milk or water), then drain them and mix with a buckwheat mash. Add drained flaxseeds, sliced onion, parsley, soy flour, salt, pepper, turmeric, and curry. Mix well all together and leave to stand for a while. Form with your hands the steaks, roll them in flour (1 tablespoon of white flour). Fry them in hot oil, it does not require a lot of time. At the end put buckwheat steaks on absorbent paper to extract excess oil.


Serve with some favorite sauce, boiled vegetables, and salad.


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