Top 8 species of edible flowers

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 Dandelion flowers

All are edible, but the white roses are tastier than red one. They can be used raw in salads, as a garnish for desserts or for flavoring of drinks. Rose petals wrapped in a damp cloth can last up to a week in the refrigerator.

When you walk through forest you can eat them, because clusters of acacia flowers are an excellent meal. From the flowers of acacia you can make pancakes, salads and cakes.


Use it while it is still in the bud and add dandelion to salads. You can make a tea from the flowers of dandelion that is beneficial for the whole organism.

His lavender flowers can be added to all dishes – stews, salads and desserts such as fruit salads and puddings.

The entire plant is very tasty, but it should be noted that it may cause liver damage and should be consumed in moderation (it is not recommended for people who have problems with the liver).

Petals are used because the whole flower is little bitter. It can be added to savory dishes.

It can be prepared raw, as a salad dressing or stews.

It is better to cook coltsfoot than eat it raw, and because of the exotic aroma is an excellent addition to pasta sauces or stews with potatoes.


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