Top 10 foods rich in calcium

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Milk and Almonds


1. Milk and milk products

The best source of calcium is milk, because one glass of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium (recommended daily dose for adults is 1000 mg). Accordingly, and cheese, as well as a dairy product, contains large amounts of calcium.

2. White beans
White beans are a good source of calcium, so you can freely add beans to the various salads, making it into a stew, or like a spread for bread.

3. Dried figs
Dried figs are a great snack that provides for the body  a much-needed source of fiber, antioxidants and calcium.

4. Kale
Kale is a super food with a high percentage of nutrients, including calcium. You can eat kale prepared in the form of good sabji;-)


5. Almonds
Reach for the almonds when you want a healthy snack full of potassium, vitamin E, iron and calcium.

6. Orange
Orange is a good source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, but it contains significant amounts of calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth. Eat it raw as a snack or add orange to some sweet food.

7. Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are not just decoration for pastries and bread. These bomblets of energy nutrients help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Toast them and add to salads, or use instead of bread crumbs for breading various vegetables.

8. Tofu
Hard tofu is a great way to have meal rich with proteins and calcium, and small amounts of fat.

9. Oatmeal packets
Calcium can come through even industrial prepared food such as instant oatmeal packets. Regardless of preparing them with cow’s milk or soy milk, these quick meals are an excellent way to start the morning and get a big amount of calcium.

1. Arugula (rocket salad)

Arugula or rucola is an excellent source of calcium. Prepare it with olives, olive oil and a pinch of oregano and you will get a great summer salad. One cup of rucola contains 125 mg of calcium.


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