Tomato salad with basil leaves and feta cheese (ekadasi)

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*for two persones

5-6 fresh tomatoes,

15 pieces of fresh basil leaves, finely chopped,

fresh basil leaves

fresh basil leaves

50g feta cheese, chopped into small cubes,

a handful of green olives, chopped into slices,

1 big tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil,

teaspoon of oregano,

salt to taste (i use black salt / kala namak).



Chop tomatoes on the medium size and mix well all the ingredients together. Serve with your favourite vegetarian meal, sabji, chapati, fried potatoes from the oven, etc…

Characteristics of these salads are that fresh basil leaves give the salad a very attractive, powerful and full flavor.


tomato salad with basil leaves


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