Tasty Salty Strudel Recipes

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Pie spinach

Strudel with mushrooms, peas, leeks and eggplant


1 leek,

1 eggplant,

400 g canned red beans,

500 g button mushrooms,

dried tomatoes,

Integral bark for strudel,


pinch of curry,

colorful pepper,

sea salt (or Himalayan salt),


sweet red pepper,


Pumpkin oil,

mineral water.


Cook the chopped leek rings and diced eggplant at pumpkin oil and then add the sliced mushrooms, finely chopped dried tomatoes (amount to taste) and spices (turmeric, curry, pepper, salt, red pepper, basil). All together saute for a few minutes, until all the ingredients are not connected, and finally add the peas. The resulting filling spread on one side of the whole crust (use two bark) which you previously smeared with a mixture of mineral water and oil (oil of your choice). Then roll the crust with the filling and place in an oiled baking sheet. Repeat the process until you spend all the filling and all crust. Brush pastry with a mixture of mineral water and oil and bake for about 30 minutes at 180 ° C.

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