Stuffed Rolled Zucchini

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Ricotta & Feta Stuffed Zucchini RollsPhoto by my_amii

Ingredients; 2 young zucchini, 300 grams of fine cheese, 5o grams of grated Parmesan, 200 grams of spinach, 2 dl thick tomato juice, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt, spices to taste. The method of preparation: Zucchini, using a knife to peel, cut into thin sheets. Season with salt to soften. Spinach washed and cleaned and then briefly blanch in salted water until tender. Drain it of excess fluid and finely chop. In a bowl, combine cottage cheese, chopped spinach, parmesan, spices to taste and mix well. In a greased ovenproof dish, pour tomato juice. At one end of the list of zucchini put a teaspoon of filling of cheese and roll it. A roll of zucchini vertically set in a baking dish. In the same way from the remaining material form more rolls and put them side by side. Bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes.


Zucchini and health

The spectrum of nutrients that provide zucchini is quite impressive. The flasks are an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C, and a very good source of magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, phosphorus, copper, and vitamin B2. Many of these nutrients have demonstrated protective effects on cardiovascular health. Magnesium plays an important role in the prevention of heart attack and stroke, and together with potassium participates in the regulation of blood pressure. Antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene, prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and consequently reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Folic acid participates in the regulation of homocysteine levels, while dietary fiber affects the reduction of elevated cholesterol levels. Specifically, and elevated homocysteine levels and elevated levels of cholesterol are known risk factors for developing heart disease. Protect cells intestine. Nutrients contained in the flasks are beneficial to the health of the digestive system. A high intake of dietary fiber promotes bowel movements, and therefore the removal of toxins from the body, while, according to some studies, folic acid, vitamin C and beta-carotene provide protection against gut cells of compounds which are potential carcinogens. Antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene have an anti-inflammatory action which makes them beneficial in conditions characterized by inflammation, such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The extract obtained from the zucchini, proved to be beneficial and reduce symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition that often affects men over 60 years, and that causes painful and difficult urination. At the same time, the best performance zucchini raises the most when consumed in combination with other foods rich in phyto-substance.


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