Simple And Healthy Drinks For A Flat Stomach

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There are delicious drinks, with great taste and refreshment which at the same time takes care of your body image, burnes your excess calories, and helps to your body during digestion.


Flavored Water

Water is one of the most important allies of a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, it helps in the digestion and absorption of food and helps remove waste substances in bowel and kidney, and makes sure that your food intake will give you a feeling of satiety. You can add squeezed lemon to the water as it achieves composition similar to stomach acid or you can add grated ginger, which speeds up the metabolism. Slices of fresh cucumber can also made more interesting daily water intake .

Mint tea

Mint helps the absorption of fat in the stomach and soothes the digestive tract. It has a diuretic effect, stimulates metabolism and decreases appetite. Mint tea helps in maintaining oral hygiene, because its aromatic fragrance freshens breath.

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