Salad With Sesame Dressing

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For salad: 3-4 fist of mixed vegetables (chopsticks, spinach, salad oak leaves, rucola), 1 carrot – grated, fist of your choice of bean sprouts (here is mung beans …etcFor slicing: 1/3 cup sesame, 1-2 tablespoons sunflower, 1 orange juice, 1/2 lemon juice, 1/3 teaspoon sweet pepper powder, 1-2 tablespoons tamari sauce, 1/2 cup water (or more, if necessary).

The method of preparation:

Sesame and sunflower shake in a coffee mill or in a dry pot or in a dry kettle of another blender. If you have a tool, you can make butter immediately. If not, grind the seeds and other ingredients into a blender and mix well. Put everything over the salad. If desired, add a little dry or fresh shallot.


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