Salad with cucumber, tomato and feta cheese (suitable for ekadasi)

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2-4 large cucumber, cut into slices,

2-3 large tomatoes, cut into thin slices,

handful of olives, finely chopped (green),

100g feta cheese, cut into cubes,

10-15 fresh basil leaves, chopped,

pinch of fresh or dry parsley,

1 teaspoon of oregano,

1 big tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil,

salt to taste (i use black salt),


pinch of freshly ground black pepper.


Clean and wash the cucumbers and tomatoes. Cut cucumbers and tomatoes into thin slices. Chop the feta cheese into cubes of medium size. In a bowl, add all other ingredients and mix finely. Serve salad with ekadasi potato or if is not ekadasi day, serve with your favorite sabji, chapati, paratha, pie  etc… :-))

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