Sage and chestnut honey

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sage and chestnut honey


Sage honey

Sage honey is usually yellow to greenish color, acceptable to the slightly bitter taste of sage.

It works by relaxing and uplifting.

It is an excellent addition to the compositions for gout.
Sage honey is leading in the treatment of problems of the respiratory system, especially cough, and in strengthening the immune system.



Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey has specific red-brown colour.

It have very Heavy taste, so many do not like or “fit” that kind of honey

The strong antibiotic activity gives him position to be one of the most healing honeys.

It is used in almost all diseases and inflammation.

It operates very well with ulcer, hepatitis, bacteria in the urinary system, poor circulation and weakened heart muscle.

It helps the digestive system.

Tablespoon of chestnut honey just before bedtime helps against constipation.

Many use it for oral hygiene – clean teeth better than toothpaste.

Smokers – their body collect many toxins and they often have problems with coughing, for them, it is recommended to eat in the morning on an empty stomach one tablespoon of chestnut honey.


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