Sabji – Indian stew of vegetables

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Photo by Pankaj Sharma


Sabji in India is irreplaceable main meal  and you can cook it in a thousand ways , depending on the type of vegetable and method of combining spices . This version of sabji is very rich , very tasty and it is usually for occasional events . This sabji is perfect in combination with fragrant basmati rice with butter , and with salad. If you want to lower calorie version , instead of frying vegetables you can bake it in the oven and instead of cream , you can add the tomato sauce .

Preparation time : 45 minutes

Ingredients :

oil for deep-frying ,

2 kg of various vegetables , chopped into chunks ( best : zucchini , cauliflower , carrots , potatoes) ,

250 grams of fresh cottage cheese – cubed

100 g blanched almonds (optional ) ,

3 teaspoons salt ,

½ teaspoon turmeric , asafoetida , sweet peppers , curry spices and garam masala (optional ) , pepper ,

100 grams of sour cream for cooking ,

Method : Fry all the chopped vegetables and the diced cheese but make sure you keep everything tight . Drain excess oil from the well and place in a large bowl . Add the cream , almonds , spices and serve warm.


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