Recipes with flowers

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Elder and rose petals

Recipes with flowers

Here are some recipes that are worth to try this spring.

Elder and Rose petals
Very simple dessert in which over the rose petals and flowers of elder you spill honey and lemon juice. If desired, you can also add melted chocolate or cream of carob instead of honey.

Strawberries in cream with borage flowers
½ kg of local strawberries
a handful of flowers of borage
2 dl sour cream
2 dl sweet cream
brown sugar.


Over the half a kilo of local fresh strawberries pour the cream of commingled sweet and sour cream and sprinkle with flowers of borage. Add sweetener (Optional) to the cream before pouring it over the strawberries.

Spring salvation – beetroot juice, carrots, apples and rose petals
½ kg of beetroot
½ kg carrots
½ kg of apples
½ kg of oranges
a handful of petals of wild rose (Rosa canina or pomegranate)

For this energy drink is required juicer. Squeeze all the ingredients in it, and finally stir in the wild rose petals. This miraculous potion strengthens and empowers the body and soul!

Sweet beetroot, black locust and raisins
2 beetroot
Two clusters of acacia flowers
handful of raisins
honey and lemon juice

In the grated beetroot add acacia flowers and raisins (preferably soak it for about half an hour). Pour lemon juice over it and sweeten with honey.

Fruit salad ‘Colorful Cup’

1 apple, orange, pear, peach
several strawberries
flowers daisies, borage, mallow, clover, elderberry

In the chopped fruit add flowers. Ratio of flowers and fruit is 1: 3 or 1: 5 if you like it. Sweeten with honey or syrup of dandelion.


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