Raita With Olives

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Indian Food in Tampa Bay Area (Lara Cerri for VISIT FLORIDA)


Raita is a traditional Indian food additive that is made from yogurt and cucumber. Raita can be eaten as a salad or as a side dish.


1-2 cucumber, thinly chopped,
handful of green olives, thinly chopped,
pinch of black salt,
1/2 teaspoon oregano,
a pinch of curry powder or other masala,
pinch of black ground pepper,
1/2 dl extra virgin olive oil,
2 dl of yogurt.

Method of preparation:
Cucumber wash, peel and chop into thin slices. When you chop the olives, mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve while it is fresh. Raita is a great dish for hot summer days because yogurt has a feature that cools the body from the inside. Serve along with chapatis and olive oil. Lightweight but full of energy meal. Enjoy;)


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