Raita Recipe

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Raita is a traditional Indian food additive that is made from yogurt and cucumber. Raita can be eaten as a salad or as a side dish. For example, raita was excellent with kofte and sabji. Otherwise, raita is usually prepared in India where it is mostly eaten with rice dishes and sabji. Raita is great for summer and high temperatures because she cools the body very nicely.


Raita is very simply prepared and eaten cold.


Half a small cucumber, chopped into small pieces, drained,

a pinch of asafoetida,

150 g yoghurt,

1 teaspoon of curry spices,

Salt, pepper,

ground red pepper,

pinch of chopped, fresh parsley.


Mix all the ingredients, sprinkle with red pepper. Finally, you can add a pinch of chopped, fresh parsley. Serve with rice dishes and sabji. Enjoy.


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