Quick Vegetables

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Quick Vegetables

Sometimes you can not really, really, be a healthy eating person. You come from work or simply is not your day and you look at the fridge instead of fresh vegetables. Then with some good ideas, you make vegetables on rapids.



200 g of frozen vegetable mix

2 tablespoons sesame

1 smaller onion

2 cloves of garlic


extra virgin olive oil

turmeric, red pepper, basil, sea salt

optional: curry, garam masala. sambhar masala, etc.

 Method of Preparation:

Cook all the vegetables (except onion, garlic, curd, and sesame) on steam or in the water. In the second pan on extra virgin olive oil, fry lightly onion, garlic, curd, and sesame. Then add boiled vegetables, a little finely chopped fresh ginger and spices (basil, red pepper, and sea salt) and cook for a whole few more minutes, enough to feed the foods. And you got the vegetables in the rapid time! 🙂
Serve with your favorite salad, sauce, etc.


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