Pumpkin cream soup – healthy and delicious

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pumpkin soup



Yellow pumpkin

The plant originates from Mexico, and thanks to the Spaniards is transferred to Europe. One of a kind pumpkin originates from India, while in Europe the most spread is pumpkin that originated in America.

The medicinal part of the plant
Pumpkin seeds and edible fleshy part is rich in fatty oil, phytosterine, protein, sugar and numerous minerals.


Curative effect
Pumpkin should definitely include, in their diet, patients with diabetes, gout, rheumatism or obese. Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil is very healthy and recommended desktop oil, helps with burns, wound or rubbing the skin cracked from the cold. Regular consumption of pumpkin seed strip characteristic problems with adenoma (increase) in prostate returning discontinuing the seeds. Shelled pumpkin seeds helps with intestinal parasites. You can always prepare a delicious creamy soup made of yellow pumpkin. It is healthy and delicious.


500 g yellow pumpkin, cut into cubes,

1 peeled apple, chopped into cubes,

1l boiling water,

salt to taste,

pinch of asafoetida,

1 teaspoon curry powder,

a little dried rosemary,

little dried parsley,

1/2 dcl of olive oil,

freshly ground pepper.


On chopped pumpkin and apple pour boiling water and cook it over low heat until they are cooked. Add salt, asafoetida, rosemary, curry and ground black pepper. Take your hand blender and mix the ingredients until you get a light cream soup. Add olive oil, dried parsley and soup is ready to serve.



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