Oven roasted vegetables

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oven roasted vegetables


10 medium size potatoes, cut into thin slices,

3 big carrots, finely chopped,

3 large peppers, finely chopped,

a handful of green olives, chopped,

1-2 large cup of tomato sauce,

1 grated fresh ginger, thumb-sized or bigger,

1 teaspoon of black pepper, freshly ground,


1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary,

1-2 teaspoon of curry powder,

1 teaspoon of dry parsley,

2 teaspoon of oregano,

1 teaspoon of dried or fresh leaves of celery,

salt to taste,

50-100 grams of chopped butter,

olive or refined oil,

100 g grated cheese for pizza (option for end to cover the roasted vegetables ).



Heat the oven on the 230 C degrees. Mix all ingredients (including butter and a little oil) well and place in a well oiled ceramic baking bowl with lid. Bake it with a cover between one hour and one and a half hour, without stirring vegetables. Vegetables and tomato sauce will bake and cook in their own juices and vapors. Before the end of baking, you can check stabbing with knife is the vegetables soft and then 5 minutes before ending you can cover vegetables with grated pizza cheese and leave open a ceramic bowl to get cheese little roasted. It is ready to serve. Enjoy in juicy vegetarian meal.


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