Natural Remedy For Strengthening The Immune System!

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Hot, summer days are behind us, but in front of us is an introduction to the cold winter months. It is an ideal time, if you have not already, to start to consume natural preparations for the lifting of immunity. That was especially important for children who go to kindergarten or school as the colder days and sudden changes of time lurking cold. For the best natural “lifter” immunity you need a domestic, unsprayed lemon, ginger, and honey. Lemon wash thoroughly, grates the zest and the rest of it insert in the blender, pitted. Lemon pulp mixes with honey to obtain a slurry and add the crushed ginger. For this, it is best to use a tool for chopping garlic. To prepare this remedy you need 300 g of honey and 3 lemon and ginger to taste, depending on how to endure the taste of ginger. The mixture put in a clean glass jar and consume one teaspoon per day. If children refuse to take this mixture, use less ginger because of his “tingling” and intense taste and add the mixture to lukewarm tea which children love. In addition to stronger immunity, ginger relieves pain, helps in the treatment of arthritis, reduces inflammation and speeds up the metabolism. Remember, during taking use only a wooden or plastic spoon as you with the usual, metal, cancel some healing properties of honey. You should never put this remedy in hot drinks but only in lukewarm drinks to preserve all the healing and antioxidant properties of these foods.


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