Natural remedies – Houseleek

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Its Latin name Sempervivum, means “always living”.

Composition and healing effect of houseleek.

houseleek contains tannin, plant mucus, fatty oil, resin, calcium malate, fumaric and malic acid.

Modern research has confirmed that houseleek contains extremely valuable acids, flavonoids and carbohydrates.

In folk medicine is used for its anti-inflammatory, astringent and diuretic properties.

It is used in the form of juice, compresses, ointment, tincture or tea.

Remarkable remedy for skin diseases and wounds

Houseleek has a similar effect as aloe vera, which is known for treating various skin ailments.


This plant is considered one of the safest drugs for a wide range of skin conditions.

Due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties serves as an excellent first aid for burns, insect bites, and it provides quick relief and calm.

The houseleek can treat:

– Erysipelas (erysipelas)
– Corns
– freckles
– Wounds and sores
– Herpes zoster
– Inflammation of the eye and ear
– Malignant skin diseases
– Hard skin on the soles of the feet
– Burns, stings and bites

Challenging place simply brush with juice of houseleek.

The juice from houseleek
The juice from houseleek contains polysaccharides and antibacterial compounds that can effectively fight bacteria.

It helps with nerve disorders, anxiety and epilepsy, and against intestinal parasites.

It can drink or gargle in case of bronchitis, tooth abscesses, ear and throat.

Recommended in malignant tumors of the uterus and of the oral cavity.

You can drink three teaspoons of juice per day or eat a few leaves of this plant.


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