Mushrooms with Swiss chard and feta cheese

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150 g button mushrooms, cut into thin slices,


1/2 kg of swiss chard,

100-200 g feta cheese,

pinch of asafoetida,

1 teaspoon curry,

pinch of Roman cumin,

1/2 dl of extra virgin olive oil,

salt to taste,

ground black pepper,

half a cup of yogurt.


In a frying pan fry in olive oil Roman cumin and asafoetida. Add the mushrooms and fry (stew) for some time.  In meanwhile, cook the whole chard, drain it and finely chop. Feta cheese chop into small cubes.

After a while, add to the mushrooms chopped chard and stew all together for a few minutes.

Finally, add curry, salt to taste, ground black pepper, feta cheese and half a cup of yogurt. Mix well and remove from heat. It is ready to serve. ;))


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