Mountain and brambles honey

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fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits


Brambles honey

Honey from brambles is quality honey yellow color, which is difficult to counterfeit.

Quick crystallize and have delicate flavor.

It is rich in acetylcholine – a substance that stimulates the circulation and the work of the circulatory system

It helps in lowering harmful cholesterol.

Strengthens the immune system, helps with respiratory problems, and is also used as prevention and treatment of malignant diseases.


Honey from brambles can be used for treatment of impotence – morning and evening, eat 30 grams of honey, and during the day another 40 grams.


Mountain honey

Mountain honey is greatly appreciated types of honey, and also for medicinal purposes.

Obtained from unpolluted mountain herbs and because of their composition medicinal plants it is highly sought.

It has strong antimicrobial activity, even when diluted in the ratio of 1: 150th

Use it to boost immunity, respiratory problems – heal cough, sore throat and sinuses.

In folk medicine mountain honey has been used for disinfection of skin inflammation and wounds.

It helps in the treatment of gynecological inflammation caused by viruses and bacteria.

Take a spoonful of honey, one day.

To strengthen the body, at least half an hour before breakfast, drink a cup of warm milk sweetened with mountain honey.


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