Morning Banana Diet

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In the Far East, this diet for a short time became a hit for quick and easy weight loss.

Morning banana diet is simple: The only condition is that for breakfast you should eat only a banana and drink only water at room temperature. After that, you can eat whatever you want for lunch, dinner, and snacks, but you should not eat after 8 o’clock in the evening.
The only forbidden things are:

– ice cream
– Dairy products
– Alcohol
– Desert after dinner
– All beverages other than water at room temperature.

One of the most popular (and attractive to many people) aspects of this diet is a lack of physical activity. They are recommended only when you want it, and even then must be exhausting for the body.

How banana diet works:
There are various explanations for this, what is the cause of the success of the morning banana diet. One theory is that some enzymes in banana stimulate digestion and elimination of food, causing rapid weight loss. However, the human body is able to produce all the necessary enzymes. Fibers from bananas pass through the gastrointestinal tract unchanged and thus save some energy for the body, but not enough to significantly affect the process of losing weight, says nutritionists.

According to another theory, bananas contain a certain type of indigestible fibers that give a feeling of satiety and increase fat burning. This type of starch contained in many carbohydrates such as potatoes and cereals – that the effects only if you eat cold. This starch is not digested in the small intestine and passes unchanged through the entire digestive tract.


Studies have shown that non-digestible fibers can block absorption of some carbohydrates, but despite this, bananas contain a relatively small amount of fibers – only 2-4 grams of fiber, and the best sources of fiber contain 3.5 to 4.9 grams for the same portion.

Bananas and most fruits are an important part of any healthy diets but although undoubtedly have many valuable qualities, bananas will not magically burn excess fat.

What the experts say:

Eating all you want for lunch, dinner and snacks is not a successful recipe for weight loss say nutritionists. A healthy diet should be continued throughout the day but you need to look at the amount of food.

Limiting food intake after 8 in the evening is a good thing for people who tend to overeat unconsciously in the evening. But do not let that fool you this recommendation: There is nothing magical if you do not eat after 8 pm. More importantly is how many calories you enter during the day and how many calories you have burned.

Regular breakfast helps to speed up metabolism, but there is nothing particularly useful if every morning you eat a banana and drink a glass of water at room temperature. Preparation of this breakfast can be simple and contains few calories, but on the other hand, bananas are quite rich in sugars and with little fiber. Every breakfast containing only carbohydrates usually leads to hunger very quickly, and it is the enemy of every success in losing weight, experts say.

Instead of “pure” banana breakfast use a banana mix with some ice and add a cup of yogurt with low fat – for more energy during the day.

To be felt long satiety and to consume fewer calories, focus on healthy foods rich in fiber and water – beans, soups, vegetables, and fruits. Include in your daily menu other protein sources – low-fatty dairy products, and nuts. This will prevent hunger.
It is true that a diet with a low-carb, which severely restrict caloric intake can really help you lose weight, but almost always there is the so-called yo-yo effect or a quick return to the old weight. Experts agree that there is no food that is capable of literally burns fat.

That may not sound so appealing and easy to like the morning banana diet, but you must understand that to lose weight, you must burn more calories each day than you take in through food.


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