Linden and flower honey

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Linden and flower honey

Linden honey

Linden honey is clear, almost translucent color and mild flavor.

It relieves respiratory problems and it is recommended for colds and flu.

It promotes sweating, had a beneficial effect on digestion, relieves spasms and soothes pain.


It is useful for kidney problems because it stimulates the excretion of toxins from the body.

Linden honey should not take heart patients.

Special recommendation: if you suffer from asthma, eat a full teaspoon of grated horseradish with linden honey.

Flower honey

Floral or meadow honey obtained from different types of flowers, depending on the area.

Mild and aromatic flavor.

Due to the specific compositions recommended for raising immunity and recovery after disease and in seasonal allergy and allergic asthma.

In allergic asthma is recommended to take floral honey from your environment because it contains pollen of all types of flowers, which causes potential allergies.

Take one tablespoon of honey a day, year round, for recovery and the fight against allergies.


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