Lavender and hawthorn honey

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Lavender and hawthorn honey


Lavender honey

Lavender honey has an intense flavor and aroma, and may be darker and brighter colors.

Among the healthier types of honey with a powerful effect – he allows the use of calcium and iron from food.


It is especially recommended for pregnant women and those who have a lack of calcium in the body, problems with teeth and bones, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, allergy to sunlight.

It has medicinal effect on digestion, cleanses the lungs and calms the cough.

To people prone to pollen allergy is adviced to take lavender honey daily .


Honey from hawthorn

Honey from hawthorn has a brown color and bitter taste.

It is recommended to heart patients because it regulates blood pressure, helps with atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, damaged heart muscle and inflammation of the heart muscle.

It is also used to calm.

Create a paste of honey from hawthorn and Ceylon cinnamon powder for cholesterol lowering. Rub the paste in the bread instead of jam and eat it regularly for breakfast.


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