Lachcha Paratha – Indian Bread with Butter

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The oldest vegetarian cuisine in the world. Indian recipes always leave us breathless and with an exotic feeling in our mouth and hearts.


250g of multiflorous flour
60g of staple butter
1/2 teaspoon of salt
About 150ml of hot water
Flour for spraying
About 20g of dill butter
15g butter
Teaspoon of frying oil
Mix the flour and the salt. Add the dissolved butter, rub it slightly in flour and then add warm water. Replace the dough by adding a little flour or water if necessary. Mix on the desktop until you get a smooth dough that does not stick to your hands, but it’s still soft. Do not overdo it with flour to make the dough become too hard.

Let it rest for about 20 minutes to an hour.
Divide the dough into 4 equal balls. Cover them with flour on all sides. Bake 20g of butter.
Spread each ball of dough to becomes circular. Cover with butter and sprinkle with flour (three pinches). Always arrange flour and butter with your fingers. Start from one end and start to slice the dough – the edge from which you started should stay from the top and raise and fold back one by one so that they are one over the other. When finished with stacking, hold on to the ends, gently squeeze and slightly extend like the folded pie.

Curl up. Lightly press your fingers and loosen the free end and fasten it to it.
Repeat this with the other balls of the dough and put them on a flask or part of the baking tray.
Develop one-on-one slip around, but do not press too hard, as it will lose the layers. So, it is necessary to squeeze the gap as long as possible, but as lighter, without any pressure.
Heat the pan. I used plain Teflon because, most probably like most of you, I do not have those especially used for these thin Indian bread (like a flat plate). It is necessary to bake them in the middle fire, from the beginning to the end. When warmed up, add a drop of oil – I recommend coconut, if available or ghee because they will not smoke when warming up.

Slice a little dough to remove the excess flour and put it in the pan. You will see that the bubbles will appear and then turn it over, soak it with a little butter and bake until the golden dark circles appear on the lower side. Pull it out of the pan and grate the other side with the butter. On average, it is necessary to bake about 1.5 min on one side and 1-1.5 min on the other, with the first baking roll always longer (regardless of the well-fed pan): about 3-4 minutes from the first side And about 1.5 minutes on the other. Of course, it depends on the pot and the amount of fire, but I wanted to give you some framework measures.
Fry them one by one, cover them with a piece of napkin, then use a clean kitchen cloth to stay longer and serve with some dip, spread or as a bread with a spice or an exotically spiced sabji (stewed vegetables).


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