Improve Digestion And Remove Excess Weight With Winter Smoothie

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We escorted the old and welcome the new year. Holiday season with family, friendly gatherings and with an abundance of healthy food and cakes is over. All this has left its mark, and probably the extra pounds, but we should now regulate digestion and go on a diet. Speed up your metabolism and improve digestion inclusion of healthy foods in your daily diet. Start your day with a healthy vegetable smoothies from almond milk, fruits, nuts, and Superfoods!
The recipe is for two people.
If you have somebody to share this delicious smoothie, then, the diet is easier to implement in good company.


4 dl almond milk,
3 dried figs (soaked overnight),
3 prunes (soaked overnight),
2 tablespoons chia seeds,
2 teaspoons of psyllium hulls,
few berries chokeberry (or other berries, frozen),
2 tablespoons coarsely ground almonds,
honey, agave syrup, or another natural sweetener.

The method of preparation:
The night before you should put figs and plums in water and allow to soak overnight. The next morning drain figs and plums. In a blender mix the almond milk, figs, plums, berries chokeberry (half the amount) and psyllium flakes. Add sweetener to taste, which is not required because the liquid is mildly sweet in itself.
Add chia seeds. Stir and let stand for 15 minutes to let seeds to absorb the liquid.
Pour the resulting mixture into two cups or glasses, sprinkle with almonds and garnish with remaining berries fruits.
After drinking the smoothies you need to drink another glass of water.
Since the psyllium, and chia seeds swell in the stomach and intestines and thereby bind the fluid, drink more water during the day than usual.
Your digestion will speed up and you will feel much better and livelier than usual.


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