How to reduce bad cholesterol?

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how to reduce bad cholesterol



1.5 liters of water,
3 ties parsley,
1kg of lemon,
baking soda.

In addition to lowering levels of bad fat in the body, this magic potion cleans the body of toxins and improves circulation.

Parsley is actually a great ally of your health.


It contains two groups of special ingredients, very important for health – natural essential oils and flavonoids. It is excellent source of vitamins C, A and K, so it is recommended to increase the amount of parsley you consume during the season of flu and colds.

Also, parsley has proved to be an excellent tool in stimulating the secretion of harmful substances from our body and better circulation.

But, if we add to parsley a lemon, water and baking soda, we get a miracle potion that reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood!


lemon bark wash well with baking soda, to remove dirt from the bark. It is best to use organic lemons. Boil water and leave to cool. Lemon cut into slices, and chop parsley finely and add to the cold water. Cover and let stand in the refrigerator for a day. In the end, all mix in a blender and pour into a glass jar or bottle.

Drink daily a 100 ml of this potion and you will not believe what speed you will lower your cholesterol!


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