How To Make St. John’s Wort Oil?

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St. John's WortPhoto by auntiepauline
St. John’s Wort oil or St. John’s wort is one of the main products of domestic home pharmacy. It is treated with respect among the people since ancient times, as antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial remedy. Take St. John’s wort and this year make St. John’s wort oil for your own needs.
You should pick up St. John’s wort in the area with the least pollution. To create a St. John’s wort oil use only flowers and buds, and for tea dry flowers with a portion of the plant. Take St. John’s wort carefully (do not pluck the root!) and later take part of it for the tea, and part of St. John’s Wort for oil, using only the flowers and buds. It is best to collect as many buds because in them is hidden the greatest treasure of St. John’s Wort – a red oily substance full of hypericin, holders of medicinal properties. By pressing the bud, from it will squeeze burgundy excreta by which St. John’s Wort oil gets the red colour, and the redder – is better. When the bud opens into a flower, oily substance evaporates in the sun, thereby reducing its concentrations.
Method of preparation:
Fresh blossoms and buds leave overnight on a clean cloth to force out tiny insects and also plant will become little “wither”. Then, gently fill with blossoms and buds the whole jar (any size) and cover to the top with cold-pressed oil. The most common is extra-virgin olive oil, but you can use and macadamia oil, hazelnut, apricot kernel oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, almond oil etc. Olive oil, in fact, has a large molecule and can not penetrate deep into the skin, so it is good to use it for skin problems. But, for the problems with veins, circulation, rheumatism, inflammation … it is better to prepare St. John’s Wort oil with macadamia, hazelnuts and other oils that are easier and more deeply absorbed. It is best to make a jar with olive, and one with another oil.
Close the jar with the gauze and rubber band and leave it in a sunny place for 40 days. You can every day close the lid and shake oil, but, also you do not need to do this, because it is most important that the flowers are submerged in oil. After 40 days strain the oil through a strainer, then through cheesecloth and squeeze the flowers to drain all oil from them. Pour oil into a clean and preferably dark bottle and leave in a dark place.
The oil is best used within one year. It is important to know that St. John’s wort is phototoxic and should not be exposed to the sun, however, if your skin is “burned”, you can lightly greased skin with oil after sunbathing.
The second part of St. John’s wort that you took, leave in a dark, airy and dry place, located on a clean cloth and dry it for the tea that you will drink in anxious winter evenings.


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