Hot Sabji – Green peas with chilli and paneer cheese

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green peas with chiili and paneer1

*for two people


250 – 300 g green peas (or, if you are in a hurry take one can of cooked peas),

one big green cilli, chopped,

150 g of paneer cheese, cut into cubes,

one big cup of tomato sauce,

salt to taste,

1 teaspoon of curry (or if you have sabji masala),

pinch of roman cumin seeds,


pinch of ajwan,

1/2 teaspoon asafoetida (or little onion),

dry parsley,

cup of water,

refined oil or ghee.


First you cook green peas in the one pot and when is done strain the water and put peas aside. Take a small pot and pour oil to cover well the bottom and when the oil gets hot, fry the cheese until it reaches a golden brown colour on all sides. Put the paneer cheese aside.

Heat the oil and when its warm put roman cumin seeds, ajwan, asafoetida (or chopped onion), stir it and after few seconds add chopped green chilli. Stir for few seconds and then add a little cup of water and cook it for few minutes. Add cooked green peas, stir it and cook for another five minutes. Add tomato sauce, stir, add dry parsley, salt, curry or sabji masala, fried paneer cheese, mix all well and sabji is done. It is ready to serve. Enjoy it!

*You can serve it along with chapati, little plain rice and some salad.



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