Honey of dandelion and sunflower

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Honey of dandelion and sunflower

Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey has a specific yellow color, taste and smell. He belongs to the very valued species of honey, and he rapidly become crystallized.


He is very good for problems related to the respiratory tract (throat and sinuses) and is beneficial for digestive, lung and kidney diseases.

It is natural remedy for treating all types of inflammation. Accelerates wound healing.

It is recommended to heart patients, the elderly who need rest and extra energy, as well as children in the developing.

Honey of dandelion

Honey of dandelion has intense yellow color and taste and quickly become crystallized.

Alleviates the effects of liver disease (cirrhosis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis) and gastric diseases.

It helps with gastritis, colitis and constipation.

To treat these problems, a spoonful of dandelion honey dilute in a glass of mineral water.


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