Homemade tortilla with turmeric and spices

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Homemade tortilla with turmeric and grains


Turmeric is a very healthy spice, which daily use thoroughly cleanses the blood and removes infections from the body. Gives the dishes a golden yellow color and a sense of satisfaction. You can add it every day in any dish you like.


400 g white flour, type – 500,

250 g wholemeal wheat flour,

10-15 g of dry yeast,

teaspoon of turmeric,

teaspoon of dry parsley,

teaspoonof oregano,

pinch of dry rosemary,

teaspoon of sugar,

2 teaspoons sea salt,

half deciliter of oil, or olive oil or melted butter,

lukewarm water;

sesame seeds,

chopped olives,


crushed barley,

rye seeds,

sunflower seeds etc.



Mix together all ingredients (spices, grains), flour, sugar, salt and oil or butter …..etc., and add slowly warm water and stir until you get a smooth dough.

Divide the dough into medium, or if you have big baking pan, big sized balls. Take a  dough ball and roll out to get thin dough. (see: https://www.vegetarianplate.com/homemade-tortilla/)

Heat the pan and put tortilla dough on it. The first side of the dough is baked briefly and when balloons get start to grow then turn the dough on the other side. That side you have to bake longer then first side. When you turn dough on for third time apply oil on the pan and roast tortilla on medium flame until golden brown in colour.

You can serve tortillas  with your favorite sabji, homemade cream cheese, rucola salad (rocket salad) , carrot salad, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

Homemade tortilla with turmeric and spicesedited


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