Homemade pizza recipe – Margherita

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mrgherita pizza




Knead the dough: pour a liter of water in the mixer, dissolve about 50-55 g of salt, add 0.2 kg of flour and 3 g of yeast. Mix and then gradually add some 1.8 kg of flour until you get the desired consistency.

After 20 minutes you should form a ball of dough. The mixture should be sticky, smooth and elastic. Take it out and left to stand for two hours, covered with a damp cloth.


With mechanical moves from the center to the edges, the dough is stretched with hands and turning several times, and finally it should be only four millimeters thin in the middle and a maximum of 1-2 cm at the edges.

Using a spoon, with circular movements lubricate fresh tomatoes (fresh tomatoes you can soak in boiling water to make them easier for peeling the skin). Crash them with the fork. Coat the entire pizza with the filling. Add a pinch of salt , and then with thinly sliced slices of mozzarella arrange the entire pizza, except per edge. At the end, add fresh basil leaves and all sprinkle with virgin olive oil, using circular moves from the center to the edges.

Baking the pizza in the oven will last for at least 15-20 minutes, so in this case, better to add basil later, when the pizza is already baked.


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