Homemade energy bars (ekadasi)

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Energy bar1


Original recipe contains raisins, almonds and dry dates, where the last two ingredients is a base, while raisins can be substituted with other dried fruit.

Something about each ingredient:

Nibbling raisins controls hunger and encouraged satiety .

In this way prevents excessive calorie intake and prolongs the feeling of satiety.


And unless you can lower your cholesterol, almonds are great food if you pay attention to the line – also reduce the desire for food, but also build muscles.

Dates are an ideal snack that will provide enough energy for the rest of the day, and because of the broad content of essential nutrients, and because of the potential positive effects on health, dates may be considered as an almost ideal food!


The preparation of these energy bars is very simple.

All three foods in the same quantities, place in blender and let the appliance run for about 30 seconds.

Then shake the mixture onto a plastic sheet and shape as desired (cubes, spheres, rods, …)


energy bar



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