Healthy Oatmeal For A Perfect Start Of The Day

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oatmeal brulee 3Photo by chotda
Oatmeal is itself extremely healthy – great for the body, provides energy and keeps you feeling full for hours. Easy to digest, oatmeal is rich in fiber and necessary proteins. Combining a variety of foods along with oatmeal you can prepare a super-snack necessary nutrients. With a little research and experimentation you can find the perfect ingredients to be combined with a oatmeal and give irresistible flavors. We have prepared one such a recipe – oatmeal for gourmets.
Ingredients for one person: rice milk 200ml, oatmeal 50 g, kiwi, banana, pomegranate, berry, cocoa grains, cinnamon, honey, homemade Nutella, almond butter.
Method of Preparation: Boil rice milk with oatmeal. Put away from the stove, sweeten with honey, add fruits, superfoods, and more to your liking. Finally, you can sprinkle nuts. Enjoy fine and healthy porridge!


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