Health benefits of walnuts

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Walnuts are a treasure trove of health, full of antioxidants and nutrients.

From these nutritious foods you can make culinary delights, as well as medicinal preparations that will keep your health around all year .

Some of these preparations can be prepared immediately, while others can wait until spring or next season.

A mixture for anti-anemia

This mixture win anemia and exhaustion.
Prepare a mixture of 1kg of honey from the meadow, a 1kg of ground walnuts and 1lemon.
Mix well all ingredients and take one teaspoon every three to four hours.

Walnut milk anti-ulcer


Nut milk is a medicine that promotes healing of stomach ulcers.
To prepare the milk you need to pour 20 grams of ground walnuts with half a pint of boiling water.
Shake well, strain and add a tablespoon of honey.
Before every meal take five to six small spoon of walnut milk.

Green walnuts for Thyroid

Young green walnuts are rich with the two main thyroid hormones – iodine and tyrosine.
In clinical studies confirmed that green walnut oil significantly increases the level of thyroxine.
The composition of green walnuts is very popular in the naturally treatment of hypothyroidism .
In the same proportion, mix minced green walnuts (nut size), with honey.
Leave in a dark place for 30 days. Take one teaspoon a day.

Tea made from the young leaves of walnut for cleaning blood

Tea made from young leaves of walnut applied as a blood cleanser.
An excellent agent against skin diseases, diabetes and jaundice, hemorrhoids, parasites, arthritis, and due to the low of sodium recommended, and renal patients.
The leaves are need to be dried after harvesting.
Prepare the tea as follows: two tablespoons of dried leaves, pour 2 dcl cold water and boil for five minutes.
Leave covered for fifteen minutes and then strain. Daily you can drink two to three cups.



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