Health Benefits of Sesame

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sesame cookiesPhoto by elana’s pantry
Sesame oil has antioxidant properties and is compared with the activity of olive oil. It is recommended for daily use as it prevents the formation of free radicals, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Sesame seeds help in the treatment of: fungal diseases, heart disease and high fat, skin diseases (eczema, ulceration), diabetes, osteoporosis and problems with the bowel movement. Sesame contains acids that hinder the creation and development of cancer cells and because of that sesame is effective in the treatment of serious diseases. Sesame seeds are a good source of vitamin E and they are recommended to pregnant women and to children. Sesame oil destroys bacteria and fungi, and is used in various skin ailments or as an antioxidant of fatty acids. Sesame is astringent, antianemik, antifungal, antikarcinomik, antioxidant, bactericide, digestive, dietetics, diuretic, Hepatics, insecticide, cosmetic, laxative, Revitalizant, stimulant, tonikum. You can add the sesame seeds in a variety of pastries and bread or lightly fry before adding the vegetables when you cook your favorite vegetarian dish.


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