Health Benefits of Clove

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Clove is a very aromatic spice that also has a very healing properties. This aromatic spice is a strong antioxidant that has many preventive curative effects. Tea made from cloves is very often used and is good for treatment of following things: diseases of the stomach and intestines; bloating, cramps, problems with intestinal microflora and pests, in low secretion of digestive juices, inflammation of the mouth and throat, tense and painful nerves, poor liver function. Ayurvedic medicine uses cloves to treat respiratory and digestive system and in the prevention of cancer, and against fungi and intestinal parasites. Western medicine uses it to treat pain, and especially the pain in joints and bones and against cough, cold, and for the regulation of blood sugar. In the domestic cooking clove is used as a supplement to a sweet and savory dishes and in various potions. Clove increases appetite and is usually added to aperitifs and various dishes in small quantities. Larger amounts of clove can cause digestive problems. Clove is amarum, analgesic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, antiulkus, aromatic, digestive, expectorant, hyperglycemic holeretik, carminative, other ingredients, mikocid, stimulant, stomachic.


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