Healing Herbs Of The World: Elderberry

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Healing Herbs Of The World: Elderberry

The elderberry (also known as a Black elder, European elder) is among the oldest and most healing plants in Europe.
There are about thirty species within the family of the elderberry. The most significant are black and red elderberry.
People usually use the black elderberry – Sambucus nigra.
The elderberry has been for thousands of years in the service of mankind.
Hippocrates was able to say that elderberry could replace all medicines.
In ancient peoples the elderberry was a symbol of birth and death, it served to protect against evil forces.
Old Europeans and Indians used a elderberry in the treatment of inflammation, digestive problems, jaundice, female illness, and flu.


Medicinal properties of elderberry

Elderberry flowers are rich in glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, carotenes, and vitamin C. The elderberry berries contain alkaloids, carotenes, tannins, organic acids and vitamins A, B, and C.
It is presumed that the flavonoids containing elderberry are responsible for most of its medicinal properties. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from damage.
Therefore elderberry is used in the treatment of degenerative diseases and as cancer prevention.
It is a great ally in preventing flu and cold because it strengthens immunity. In addition, the elderberry has antivirus and antimicrobial activity.
If you feel that you will get flu, eat 4 tablespoons of elderberry berries. For the treatment of flu and cold, you can also use an elderberry extract that you can buy in health food stores and herbal pharmacies.
It is useful for asthma and inflammation of the airways because it facilitates breathing and helps in coughing.
In spring you can use Elderberry flowers as an agent against pollen allergies.
The elderberry also has detoxifying action as it enhances the secretion of toxins from the lymph glands. This plant can help with acne, ulcer, conjunctivitis and skin rash.
Except as a laxative, it acts as a diuretic and contributes to kidney health. It is used in conditions where sweating is needed and heals water sickness.
Because of their laxative, diuretic and detoxifying properties, it’s great for weight loss.
The elderberry is also used in creams against spots and stains on the skin. Because of its astringent action, it is a common ingredient in acne cream.

The elderberry is a healing plant of a broad spectrum of activities that can help with:

asthma and allergies
acne and skin rash
flu and colds
cleansing the body
water illness
weakened immunity
degenerative diseases
sores and conjunctivitis
weight loss
digestive problems.

All parts of the elderberry have healing properties, but flowers and berries are most commonly used.

Tea from elderberry

Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of dried elderberry flowers with 1/4 liters of boiling water and drain after 10 minutes. You can use this tea for good sweating in flu and cold, but also as prevention. It is also recommended as a cleanser for blood.

Green parts of the elderberry contain toxins that can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, choking, severe breathing and abdominal pain. The raw elderberry must be well boiled or boiled before use.


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