Few Facts About Gluten-Free Foods

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Lately, more and more often people talk about gluten-free food and diet. If you are thinking about it, here’s what you need to know.
People suffering from celiac disease usually adopt gluten-free diet. However, gluten is not the only culprit for this disease – Research at the University of Columbia showed that other wheat proteins also can cause troublesome symptoms in people with celiac disease. Gluten is the primary type of protein in wheat, but numerous studies have shown that people with the disease may have reactions to the gluten-free types of proteins.
“Gluten-free” labels on food don’t guarantee that the product does not contain gluten. According to the regulations in Europe, Canada and the United States, these labels may be found in products that contain 0.002 percent of gluten. The reason for this is that clinical studies have shown that it is not necessary to eat 100 percent gluten-free foods to avoid symptoms of celiac disease. So, people who have intolerance to gluten should not eat in unlimited quantities foods that have a “gluten-free” label. Safer choices are always fruit and vegetables.
Not all the foods that have gluten-free labels are safe. Many fast food chains in the world now offer gluten-free pizza and other food. However, these foods are prepared in the same kitchen where the dishes with gluten are prepared, so this is not a safe choice for people suffering from celiac disease.
And if you think that gluten-free foods have become synonymous for a healthy diet, you should know that there are a number of these foods that are not healthy at all. In the stores there can be found cakes, pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, beer and other food without gluten. People suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance will be certainly looking forward to the fact that sometimes they can eat some of their favorite snacks without gluten, but it should be noted that those foods are not rich in nutrients and not healthy.
You do not have to avoid all grains if you are striving for gluten-free food. Not all grains contain gluten. Some of the most popular gluten-free ones are millet, buckwheat and quinoa.
Also be aware that eating gluten-free food does not mean that you will lose weight. Will you lose weight during a gluten-free diet, depends on what you eat. If you continue eating processed food and sweets that are gluten-free, you will not lose weight. Again, fresh foods and increased intake of vegetables can lead to weight loss.
Gluten is hidden even in the places you do not expect it to be. It can happen that by mistake you eat something with gluten, such as salad dressing or a frozen food. It also can be found in supplements and drugs, so you have to read the declaration carefully.
You can get rid of skin problems with gluten-free diet. Many people with celiac disease notice that their skin looks better after they got rid of gluten. Eczema and psoriasis can also be withdrawn due to gluten free diet.


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