Fennel – healthy herb and spice

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Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a Mediterranean herb, used as a supplement to other dishes. The fruit is often used for pharmaceutical needs.
Fennel is a biennial plant that grows up to two meters in height, and there are two types: the bitter and sweet fennel. In the first year only grow leaves and develops roots, and in the second stems and flowers. Fennel is υ culinary mostly used as a side dish and condiment rather than as a main dish.

Why is fennel healthy?
This plant is a full with protein, amino acids, calcium and potassium. The fruits are often used in medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations. Fennel is an excellent source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. The story goes that fennel is used 5,000 years ago in China for the treatment of eye, weak stomach and colon. In ancient Greece, the fennel is recommended for nursing mothers who have lost their milk.


When fennel helps:
encourages greater secretion of milk in nursing mothers
regulates menstruation
soothes the digestive system
helps in diseases of the stomach, kidney, bladder, bowel and lung
causes appetite
increases mucus from the lungs, stomach and intestines
soothes cough.


Fennel grains is very successfully used in cooking vegetarian dishes as a spice that improves digestion and gives a specific flavor to the food.

The oil of fennel

From the seeds of fennel is obtained essential oil, used in flatulence, expectoration and rheumatic pains. Essential oil of fennel has a sweet earthy smell. It is good in combination with essential oils of lavender and sandalwood. It is believed to have antiseptic, diuretic and stimulant properties.

Tea and Fennel Salad
Note that the tea should not be cooked because it loses the essential oil. Take one tablespoon of fennel and place in a larger cup of boiling water. Leave on for ten minutes, chill and drink. Thus prepared beverage will help you if you have problems with your stomach, and with it will act soothing and relaxing. If you have any problems with the intestines, it is recommended to drink one cup after each meal. Fennel is an integral part of teas to increase the quantity of breast milk. Salad of fennel is a cocktail of health – fresh fennel sprinkle with olive or coconut oil, and eat it as an appetizer to prevent problems with digestion.



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