Fantastic Appetizers

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NYE CanapésPhoto by Elin B

The modern festive table can not be imagined without various starters. In fact, it is often the case that on the festive table you can found a series of appetizers and salads. In this way, by introducing the buffet with a range of salads and appetizers and national menu it is formed a modern festive meal. In this article, we offer a few different recipes of “salty balls” as an appetizers.

Cheese balls

500 grams of a young sheep cheese,
500 grams of cream,
1 handful of white flour.
The method of preparation:
Melt on low heat sheep cheese and add sour cream. Then add the flour and with wooden spoon stir over low heat until it forms a mass in the form of balls. From the resulting mass make small balls and immediately serve hot with sour cream and your favorite preparation.


Balls of cheese and butter

200 grams of cheese,
200 grams of butter,
1 cup of bread crumbs,
2 tablespoons rum flavor,
pepper and salt.
The method of preparation:
Butter warm for a little to get soften. Squeeze the cheese, and mix with butter. Add rum flavor, pepper and salt. All together stir well and from the resulting mass make balls the size of walnuts and sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and arrange them in a shallow dish. Put them in the refrigerator before serving to get thigh. On every ball push a toothpick and serve.

Salty bombs

350 grams of Srem cheese,
125 grams of butter,
70 grams of ground walnuts,
30 grams of chopped walnuts,
2-3 cloves of garlic,
various spices (ground black pepper, salt, red ground paprika, chopped almonds, oregano, ground poppy seeds, ginger, finely chopped parsley …), paper basket.
The method of preparation:
Beat butter foam and add a cheese, minced and chopped walnuts, chopped or crushed garlic, then all mix well and add salt to taste. From the prepared mass draw with a spoon scoop but with the help of other hand and spoon descend into some of the spices and good roll, so they become black in the poppy, red with paprika, green with parsley or oregano. Place cheese bombs in paper cups and serve as a cold appetizer or as a side dish with pastry.


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