Famous vegetarians – Politicians, statesmen and activists

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Photo by http://hitfull.com/

James G. Abourezk (Former U.S. Senator and Congressman)
Susan B. Anthony (leader of Woman’s Suffrage movement) Source: Animal Liberation, 2nd edition (hardcover), p. 221 – Peter Singer
Tony Banks (MP, UK)
Andrew Bartlett (Senator in Australian Parliament) Source: speech in Australian Senate, self reported
Tony Benn (MP, UK)
Anne Campbell (MP Lab Cambridge, UK)
Chelsea Clinton (U.S. President Bill Clinton’s daughter) Source: PETA newsletter
Harry Cohen (MP Lab Leyton, UK)
Viscount Craigavon (UK)
Willem Drees (Dutch P.M. from 1948 till 1958)
Mahatma Gandhi



Mahatma Gandhi – Photo by http://hitfull.com/

Anne Gilman (Mayor of Islington, UK)
Andrew Jacobs (US Congress, Indiana) Source: many veg sources (PETA, Veg times, etc)
Kamel Junblatt (Lebanese political thinker and member of Parliament)
Moritz Leuenberger (Minister of energy and transport of Switzerland) Source: several newspaper articles of Switzerland (among them L’illustré, mai 1996)
Robert Lutz (president of Chrysler Corp.)
Vos Marijke (Dutch MP for GroenLinks)
Piers Merchant (MP Con, Beckenham, UK)
Albert Mokhiber (Arab-American human rights activist)
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (First Home Minister of India) (vegan)
P.V. Narasimha Rao (Prime Minister of India (1991-1996)) Source: Common knowledge in India
Philip Ruddock (Australia’s Minister for Immigration) Source: Mentioned in an article in “The Australian” newspaper in late 1996
Bernard Weatherall (ex speaker of the House of Commons, UK)

source http://www.vegetarijanstvo.net/


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